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Hello World! I am an Atlanta-based software engineer currently working at LeaseQuery, previously at DigitalCrafts. I am a former project manager and radio broadcast ops guy who made the career change to programming at age 31. An avid builder of things since my first Lego set at 3 years old, I fell in love with programming while working in radio, where I was introduced to batch scripting for process automation. I became captivated by computers and software, and I wanted to learn more about interfacing directly with these amazing machines; I decided to build my career around the pursuit of this knowledge. Passionate about coding, learning, teamwork, and problem-solving, my strength is seeing the big picture and understanding how all aspects of an operation coalesce.


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SocialHound is a social networking site designed specifically for dogs. The web app was built alongside 3 other developers in a remote environment and served as the capstone project for our DigitalCrafts cohort. The application is built with Firebase, React, and Redux and offers a variety of features including chat, social feeds, location services, and the ability to easily create profiles for multiple doggos.

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Hopify is a solo project I built using React and Redux. Using the Google Maps API, the user is able to search for beers and breweries in their respective city and bookmark their favorites. I built the API for beer data myself using PostgreSQL for the database and Node/Express for the server. The app is hosted on Heroku, please give the live site 15 seconds to load.

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Scene It

Use the OMDb API to search for your favorite movies and add them to your watchlist. Scene-It is a solo project I built with React and Redux. The app allows users to save movies to their watchlist using the Redux store to persist state to Local Storage.

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ZDG Chat

Chat with friends, post to forums, and see who's online. ZDG Chat was built with PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express, and the Socket.IO library alongside 2 teammates in a remote, Agile environment. The app is hosted on Heroku, please give the live site 15 seconds to load.

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